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1983... Stemming from a family-scale workshop which provided service of rewinding wire for welding machines, motor, generators and known as TAN THANH Mechanical Electrical.

1994... TAN THANH determined to become a professional manufacturer in the field of manufacturing ARC and Spot welding machines.

1996... Succeeded in manufacturing Seam Welder for welding water tanks, fuel tanks of motorbikes, struts with Thyristor technology.

2000... Introduced successfully DC 3-phase ARC welding machines with Diode technology which provided stable DC output current, and especially did not cause power grid imbalanced.

2005... Officially established Tan Thanh Mechanical Electrical limited liability company with the determination of being expert in SCR technology for heavily industrial machinery and “Inverter” technology for product lines which are compact designed, portable and easy-to-use, producing nicer and smoother weld in comparison with the results of ARC, TIG, MIG, PLASMA machines. In addition, we also started getting orders of designing and manufacturing variously specialized welders such as:
- Welding machines for welding sheet-metal roofing in galvanizing lines.
- Auto welders for welding grill, construction grating.
- Solar heater tank, front basket of bike…

2008... Successfully invented automatic welder lines such as Auto Submerged Welding Machines and Auto Plasma Cutting Machine.

2013... Proudly introducing other strategic ranges were Seam Welding Machine, Stud bolt welding machine.

2014... We focused on creating and developing product lines with INVERTER technology for TIG, MIG, PLASMA Cutting machines.

2017... Putting our motto ahead “ Always keep innovating”, TAN THANH desires to provide to our valued customers with products obtaining the criteria of: 

High Quality - Elegant Design - Competitive Price & Good Service.


"Thank you for your continuous support and encouragement."

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